Friday, 11 May 2012

Just Because

Quote of the nite..just because.....

juz bcoz we're smile (^-^) 

Just because I laugh a lot,
doesn't mean my life is easy.

Just because I have a smile on my face every day,
doesn't mean that somethings not bothering me.

Its just that I choose to move on with the negative in my life,
and keep my head up,
instead of dwelling on the past.


pssttt: kencang berfinal year project. ade suke ade duke.
to yang dah siap, bejaye, and sukses wit PSM..
I wish tahniah kuase kude. sile la tolong hambe yg x siap
lagi nih..hihihi >_<


Silent said...

hahahaa.nanti aq crop molep2 deh.buat dekstop.kuikuikui

P U C A T said...

unique bajunye :)

Huda Sindarela said...

silent:pat la cket..orang sampai dah masok lam mimpi dah ni..hihi

Huda Sindarela said...

PUCAT: unik ehh?? tak de la..baju kurung je tu..huhu =)

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