Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A little tears on my sis big day's

Long time seems i've not writing in EIE. Blog of mine.
Too many things to share.
In deep, so little time to do.

3rd June 2012.
An epic date. To my sister. To my family. For once again.

Kak Uya,
Selamat pengantin baru!!!
I'm happy for you sis!
But...truly sorry..i'm not able together with you on your big day. I knew..there's nothing that can make you happy instead together wit the whole family on your wedding day.. 

Know what. On the night ur title start to change from miss to madam, i'm crazily wit all the notes dat make me betol-betol gile. When along mms ur picture wit mom, wit a beautiful dress kawin, i start to cry. In front of my lappy, my notes, my pencil..and paling penting tak de orang tengok i nangis.hihih.. A little tears on your big day's..i hate it! I tried hardest to look cool. But..i'm failed! *malu kat diri sendirik.huh =.=

bb was not a good camera phone to take and mms image.sekian.

Bout 1.00 am after the ceremony..i got a call. From her. I was alike; "yu..rugi yu takde...takleh tengok uya kawin...takleh amik gambar same-same..", imagine what will she says. But..i'm wrong. Totally wrong! Wit the tired voice, may be penat after majlis akad nikah on dat nite, she said.."yu..sedih taw uyu takde...tak best..uyu tak balik..sedih taw...". Ohmai!! Touching lagik sekali. Luckily i'm able to control my voice in da conversation. Cool beb. Cool. If not..dah lame i nangis kuat-kuat tahu. But she trapped me back. She asked.."tak nangis ke..??.." And i..memang tak pandai berbohong. Laju-laju je admit. Maw nye tak nangis?? She's the last sister. Means..da last older sister and last siblings of mine yang kawin..but i tak mampu nak ada together wit her on dat day.tsk..tsk..tsk..streetttt..kesat-kesat hidong..

And yesterday..4th June 2012..the meaningful day's. Wedding ceremony was be held at my home. Wonder how's the majlis. Surely meriah-meriah macam mariah kari. Even i takde pon i know majlis still was be held happily and smoothly. 

Pity to me..esoknya means semalam turn i berjuang berhabis-habisan jawab final paper power e. Dats da reason why i'm not be able to attend both ceremony of my sister wedding day's.huhu..but God knew wat da best for me. Either to grab the happy moment wit da family or stay here to study for my future. He strengthen my heart to stay here...and alhamdulillah..i succeed to finish da paper although not hundred percent well perform. But still bersyukur. Thank you Allah. You took something you give something.

Can not wait to see the pictures of my sister wedding day's. Along..angah..kak na..kak uya..cepatla uplod gambar kat fb...please please please...tak sabar nak tengok pic kawin uya nih..

psssttt: enjoy da last moments as a student.
- last paper on 15the June 2012 (data comm)
- presentation final year project on 20th June 2012.
- wish me good luck all.


Silent said...

yang penting baju tempah tuh.hueheuehue

Huda Sindarela said...

baju tempah doesn't mean anything ritenow...sob3... T_T

aniswany said...

aloooo..tamo nanges2,sabo yea :)

psst : pasal jerawat yg dh go away tuh byk cara anis try tp xtau yg mana satu bekesan =D

1)beli ubat jerawat murah kt farmasi
2)kurangkan makeup,muka sentiasa free dari foundation
3)tiap2 mlm pakai tomato
4)buat xtau jeeeee =D

haa,punca stress mmg jerawat tamo stress sgt :)

Huda Sindarela said...

anis:hehehe..baik baik. satu persatu kite try skang dh stat ngan pakai tomato..hahaha..dan dan follow blog anis ni rajin je huda pakai tomato kat muke..hik3. dah terpengaruh ngan anis..ok2. thanks bg tips ye. (^_^)

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