Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Awesome GA by SweetyBeauty Shoppe

click banner to go to THE AWESOME FIRST GA BY

Wahhh...i'm so excited to join this kind of giveaway!!
Know what?? This is the first time i join GA since four months i am in blogging world.huhu..
Omo omo..ottoke??...i'm not confident at all.
I'm not good in writing. Rather than that, i'm not good to convince people to choose me as the winner.
hahahah...such a pathetic gurl.

But..what can i said, FIRST TIME TO FIRST TIME.
First time to me to join such a GA.
And first time to SweetyBeauty Shoppe to organize this awesome GA.
Congrate to the owner of the GA...da cutest miss Hybrid Theory, Ainulaqma.
Clap clap ur hand....yeayyy...hehehehe. 

Ok...for those who still want to join this GA, here the some terms that u need to follow:

1. Surely to become one of the Hybrid Theory (DONE!)
2. Like the SweetyBeauty Shoppe page at facebook. (DONE!)
3. Do a short and nice entry about this GA. The entitle must be "The Awesome GA by SweetyBeauty Shoppe". (DONE!)
4. Copy and paste the banner into this entry and put the link post. (DONE!)
5. Tag 2 or more than of ur blogger friends.

Then...I tag two peoples *the most cutest blogger in da world :

6. Then link your post into the comment form of the entry The Awesome GA by SweetyBeauty Shoppe.
7. This GA will end on 19th March 2012. *naseb baik sempat. teeheehee

So..ape tunggu-tunggu lagi. Parli parli!! Hadiah best2. woot woot~~

Last but not least...FIGHTINGX3!!!

pssttt: 3 weeks to push my courage to join this GA. =.='


ainulaqma said...

dear.. khamsamida~
daebak!!! fighting!!

Huda Sindarela said...

huhu...welkem dlm korea pe ehh??

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