Friday, 23 December 2011

That Woman

One woman who loves u
That woman loves u wholeheartedly
She follows u around like a shadow
That woman is laughing while crying

Just how
How much more do I have to gaze at u alone??
This love that came like the wind
This love like a beggar

If I continue this way
Will u love me??
Just come a little nearer
A little more

If I take one step closer to u
Then u take two steps back
I am who love u next to u now
That woman is crying

That woman now is very careful
To start learning a method of smile
Even can not talk with to her best friend
To hide her feeling inside
The woman’s heart is always crying

That woman is loving u
Such a fool!
Because it is such a fool
Can u hug me for a once?

I also want to be loved
Day by day in my heart
Only in my heart
Just like this calling u
That woman is still in ur side

That woman
Is me
Do u know??
Or u know it
But still act this??
U really do not know
Because u r a big fool

That woman who always waiting for such a fool love...

 credit pic to google


Silent said...


Huda Sindarela said...

mendenye. takde kaitan ngan sesape. saje jiwang pepagi bute nih. dah2. g smayang suboh nuh.kah3

Silent said...

haha. aq impress jeh.kuikuikui

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