Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Buddies forever

Do you ever feel like dis??.....

Sometimes u feel u are lonely person. No one u can talk with. No one u can houng out together. No one u can share ur sadness, ur happiness. No one will appreciate u when u r not around. No one ever remember u although they have shares many experiences wit u.

And u....always appreciate people around u. Never forget them even a second. But u know after all they are all da most important person in ur life.


Dis kind of feeling, da situation, always happen to me.

But...always set in my mind, there are so many persons in my life that i can depends on. That i can share everything wit them. My sadness. My happiness. My laughness.


Here, in my blog..i want to dedicate my gratitude to all my buddies while i was in intern a few months ago. Although we r only shares a short time together..but deep in my heart they are really really really awesome buddies in my life.

  sue syuhada

da most inspiration person. ex mpp of utem. ohsem kan?? u should see her spirit while doing her job. alwaz hope can have a spirit like her someday.

teh fatihah

talkative person. but never talk rubbish. same goes wit sue in term of spirit. now at utm skudai johor. once she learn sumtin, she will learn until da person who teach her kept silent bcoz
no more answer for her question.hahaha..so funny.


hooo...da very soft person. wonder wit her soft spoken and soft attitude. lucky to her man someday bcoz can get such a person like her. we kept calling her mama mira for motherly behaviour in herself.huhu..oh, she  just finished her study at uthm. congrat to u. (kept laughter when remember da way her sang awan nano..funnyx40)


yihhhaa. gile2 satu kepale like me. no wonder we r great while in working together.hahaha..sampai ade yang misunderstood wit our friendship. so childish dat people. kan?huhu..now study at unimap.


introduce to u da tough man in our buddies group...may be in uitm shah alam too.hee..although he look tough outside, but he can understand people well. include da woman hearts.hehehe...
see, he just wrote 'i love you' to me!keh3..oke. it was a joke. don't salah2 faham oke. =p

kak fieza

if u want learn how to be confident, u should ask her. ex mpp too..at our uni, ump. respect to her confident. cayok2 kak. =)

tak lupe juge to my buddies from ILSAS.

apih (baju itam) & wan (baju putih)

hahaha..can i include them into my intern buddies?? altough we were not so too close while working. asyik buli saya je asal ade masa. nevermind. asalkan saya tahu mereka orang baik2. don't u think people dat ever remind u to study hard to get da better life is a good person?? for me..they were kind enough to remind me. thanks to all of you~


never gonna miss dis kind of joyful time wit them =)

end of my intern buddies. buddies forever yawww~

p/s: my grammar is rubbish. no joke. but i'm trying to improve. practice make perfect.hee =p


si ngokngek said...

sharing is caring..
friend is friend forever

Huda Sindarela said...

yeah. dats rite bebeh. =)

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